Hanging Lanterns Supplier

Price : USD 30.00 / Piece(s)

Hanging Lanterns

Offered by us in several specifications, our products are in complete compliance with the quality standards. In order to pace with the technology, we have developed a payment procedure that allows us to make safe and secure transactions. Also, our system is verified by authority.


Price : Approx USD 30.00


Brand Name NS
Material Steel, Iron, Brass
Finishing Polish, Powder Coding

Additional Information

Min. Order Quantity 500 Piece(s)

  • Laltan(NS-401)

    Price : Approx. 21.00 US $

  • Laltan(NS-402)

  • Laltan(NS-403)

  • Laltan(NS-404)

  • Laltan(NS-405)

  • Laltan(NS-406)

  • Laltan(NS-407)

  • Laltan(NS-408)

  • Laltan(NS-4090)

    Price : Approx. 30.00 US $

  • Laltan(NS-410)

  • Laltan (NS-4010)